Swabian & globalized: Swabian tinkering is legendary. Genkinger
has added a globalized perspective
from which you as a customer benefit.
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GENKINGER MATERIAL HANDLING Swabian tinkering is legendary.
With Genkinger, a globalized
perspective has been added, from which you as a customer benefit.
Test Lagertechnik en TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY Transport solutions from Genkinger For Weaving Mills For Warp Knitting For Warp Knitting For Weaving Mills Transport Solutions for Textile Technology » Low-Platform Truck High-Lift Truck
Reach Truck
Four- & Multidirectional Forklift Tractor Tool Changer Lifting Table Tool Changer Lifting Table Tractor Four- & Multidirectional Forklift Reach Truck High-Lift Truck Low-Platform Truck Transport solutions from Genkinger. STORAGE TECHNOLOGY

Roll Transporter


For the company Ducab in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Genkinger-bAKA supplied two low-lift trucks for the transport of 20-ton cable drums. Previously, Ducab used forklifts to handle t ...

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Integrated vehicles for the individual requirements of your production & warehouse logistics. Close to the customer, worldwide & always “one step ahead”. Contact us with your requirements. We would be happy to advise you competently.

Warehouse Technology

Powerful and efficient forklifts, pallet trucks as well as tractors, tool changers und lifting tables for the safe and economical loading, storage and order picking of your materials & products.

Textile Solutions

Innovative textile logistics solutions for weaving mills & warp knitting. Genkinger is your experienced partner, from warp beam to fabric beam & batch transport
to the most modern textile storage technology.




GENKINGER-bAKA offers customized projected special solutions for all areas in production, transport, storage, coil handling and tool changing systems. The product range extend ...

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