Five hard-working helpers from Genkinger-bAKA

At Spax, one of the world´s leading producers for connecting elements, the stand-on warehouse trucks with revolving function for the load, connect the production processes between the pressing and rolling mills. The design of the devices is very compact, so that they can turn in the narrow aisles and feed the rolling machines with blanks at precisely the right time. The containers with the blanks must be lifted up to 3.5 meters and tipped into the funnel of the production machine using the revolving function. The vehicles are particularly robustly built for this application. This ensures that the rolling machines can be working in multi-shift operation. Among other things, the devices are provided with additional cooling ventilators so that operation is guaranteed even in high summer. Tensor exchangeable batteries provide enough energy and there is also a bluespot for safety. Spax has been relying on driver stand devices from Münsingen since 2003.

Full service and preventive maintenance ensure high availability of the vehicles in the production process.

The precise analysis of customer needs and the development of a solution based on this is the specialty of Genkinger-bAKA. Take a look at other projects in action under videos and send us your request to:

Fünf Hochhubwagen stehen in einer Reihe
Fünf Genkinger-bAKA Hochhubwagen sorgen für einen reibungslosen Prozessablauf

Picking up the container with blanks and tipping the blanks into the rolling machine