As one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Genkinger produces a wide range of state-of-the-art four-way and multidirectional forklifts. What tasks would you like a forklift to perform in your company? Our experienced sales consultants will analyze your needs and develop the right solution for you. Phone: +49 (0) 7381 186-0 | E-Mail:


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The robust electric or electrohydraulic Genkinger four-way high-platform trucks, equipped to meet your needs, were designed for the transport and storage of long goods. The innovative vehicles are equipped with broad-gauge chassis and are available with or without pantograph depending on customer requirements.

All vehicles can be ordered in the following versions:

  • Drawbar
  • Driver's platform
  • Driver's seat

The multidirectional stackers with multidirectional steering and mast feed are ideal for handling pallets, long goods, coils and other heavy loads in narrow aisles.

The load capacity of our four-way and multidirectional stackers ranges from 1000 kg to 15000 kg.