At Herma, a leading specialist for self-adhesive technology, a new generation of narrow-aisle order pickers with mast swivel forks was on the way: The forklifts of the popular “Genkinger Lagermeister” brand from the early 90s were to be replaced by more modern machines. Genkinger was awarded the contract for the equipment solutions and service.

In the Herma warehouse for labels in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, pallets are stored and retrieved using narrow-aisle stackers. These transport the pallets at heights of up to 10 m. The two old Genkinger Lagermeister vehicles can be seen in their decades of service. “The fact that they are still in use today shows how high-quality and robust the devices are and that they were ahead of their time,” says Genkinger Sales Manager Harald Harter. But now they have been replaced – according to a modern concept that Genkinger developed together with Herma.

The new narrow-aisle trucks are ruggedly built, but so light and compact that they are agile and fast. The follow-up costs for maintenance are lower than before thanks to 80 V three-phase AC technology. Drivers enjoy improved ergonomics and more freedom of movement. Depending on the storage situation, they can stand or sit in the spacious cab, which in turn improves safety. More comfort is also provided by a strongly sprung seat with many adjustment options and ergonomically designed storage surfaces.

“Decisive criteria for the replacement purchases that became necessary were increased performance, work safety, a good energy balance and reduced service costs,” explains Anton Gojkovic, Herma plant manager for the Labels division. “The requirements of our customers have risen steadily in terms of delivery times. In this way, we also increased the demands placed on our suppliers.

Years ago the forklifts were still in use eight hours a day, but at Herma they are now used in two shifts. Many orders are time-critical, which is why Genkinger’s forklift service had to be set up more closely in order to ensure increased availability. Genkinger has been a supplier to Herma for decades; at present there are around 30 of the manufacturer’s trucks in use. These include pedestal and seat low-platform trucks as well as special equipment such as a double-deck high-platform truck with calibrated weighing equipment.

The fact that Herma has been satisfied with its partner Genkinger for around 30 years does not mean that Genkinger would automatically become the supplier of the new equipment. “The price/performance ratio and the overall package must be right,” is how Anton Gojkovic describes his line in the tender. “Especially when it comes to new investments, cooperation is put to the test, and we ask whether the partner is the right one at the moment and with a view to the future. Genkinger has once again been able to prove this convincingly.

Herma received more modern narrow-aisle trucks, presented here by Genkinger sales manager Harald Harter.

The double-deck coach designed by Genkinger is equipped with a weighing system.