Our highlights for LogiMAT

Safe and efficient handling
of long goods and pallets

ESY-S and ESM series

The ESY-S series is one of the most compact electric four-way standing reach trucks with a total capacity of 2000 kg and a lifting height of up to 6500 mm. This project has been worked out in a close dialogue with the customer. The challenge was to handle long loads in restricted storage spaces.

The ESM series have been worked out with the customer as well.
Lengthwise driving (2400 mm) enables work process with pallets to be done in one operation.
The ESM are the most compact Reach Truck on the market.

Both devices are equipped with a 4.3 inch color display. This keeps all relevant driver information such as charge and vehicle status ready at any time. For comprehensive safety in use, the new Genkinger-bAKA Curve Control automatically regulates the speed when cornering. At the same time, the use of a CAN bus system and three-phase AC technology reduces maintenance costs. With the help of energy recovery when braking, the excess energy is fed back into the battery, thereby extending the daily operating time. The driver’s workplace is ergonomically designed. The controls are arranged twice. The operator can take a standing position to the side for long journeys. This ensures the highest level of driving comfort and safety.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
Maximum flexibility and safety

Genkinger-bAKA AGVs are Automated Guided Vehicles for in-plant material transport.
Genkinger-bAKA customized vehicles can be automated and contribute to the optimization of intralogistic processes. This offers driverless transport systems with maximum flexibility and safety for people and machines. The AGVs can be integrated into any individual process organisation.