The handling task was to transport coils of different sizes and weights from the storage area to the plants for further processing. The responsible persons at Nussbaum Metallhandel GmbH, Bad Wörishofen, put all processes to the test and finally decided to transport the coils using an electric pedestrian high lift truck with prism forks. This was developed by Genkinger GmbH in Münsingen.

Nussbaum Metallhandel is active on the German market and in several European countries and supplies semi-finished products made of copper, brass and bronze to customers who manufacture spring components and plug contacts for the automotive and electrical industries, for example.

In the new building of the metal processing company, the following process will now be illustrated: The Nussbaum stockists place individual coils on the right side using a turntable and turning table and then move them with the special high-lift truck into the production area on precisely marked shelves or immediately onto the machine reels.

“One reason why the solution fits so well is the fact that we were able to add Genkinger already in the planning phase and thus work out detailed solutions parallel to the progress of the shell construction,” explains Nussbaum production manager Wilfried Herzog. For example, the environmental conditions in the form of the guideline-compliant enclosure of the new plant were precisely incorporated.

The metal processing at Nussbaum is now carried out by a new plant as well as one that already existed in the old building. “The custom-built high lift truck can handle both systems and very different coils up to 3.5 t,” explains Genkinger sales consultant Elmar Mößlang. Each shift has around 10 to 15 lifting cycles, with potential for future growth planned in. Most coils weigh between 1.8 t and 2.4 t, but very narrow Genkinger coils, only 19 mm wide, are also transported precisely, quickly and safely. “A remote control allows the employees to move away from the danger zone and are therefore always safe, even if a coil should slip off,” explains production manager Wilfried Herzog. The stress level of the employees has been noticeably reduced as a result of the increased safety. “The special device works as it should; the investment has proven to be very sensible,” concludes Herzog. By transporting narrow coils, the company even covers one more area of application.

Narrow coils are controlled from a safe distance. The prism fork and hold-down device are used to secure the up to 19 mm narrow coils.

Coils can be remote controlled safely and with millimeter precision on the reels.