The fact that Genkinger is one of the most innovative companies in the industry has now been “officially” confirmed

At the Blechexpo trade fair in Stuttgart, which ended on Friday, a jury of experts awarded the company a certificate for a special transporter of steel rollers in the metal industry developed and manufactured in Münsingen. The special machine moves rolls weighing “only” 200 kg to 25,000 kg! “With its compact dimensions of 2.50 m in length and 1.80 mm in width, the device can carry the weight of 25 small cars,” says Sales Manager Harald Harter, illustrating the impressive performance. But that’s not all: Thanks to the Genkinger device, employees in industrial companies no longer have to transport heavy coils on the hook which is comparatively dangerous. Genkinger Managing Director Richard Ludwig is convinced that the innovation will now encourage many companies to transport heavy loads more safely and efficiently at the same time.