Die Changing Truck

Genkinger-bAKA Die Changing Truck

In order to shorten the time needed and simultaniously to simplify the process of changing the heavy thermo moulds Genkinger-bAKA has built a multidirectional die-changer. The truck best possible utilises the available space by using the multidirectional steering system. The mould changing cart is remote controlled and the operator can always fully monitor the changing process close by. The moulds are placed onto a transfer table and then taken to the machine. The die changing truck connects to the machine and pushes mold in place. Safety scans and limit switches prevent a maloperation.

Heavy-Duty Truck

Genkinger-bAKA Pallet Truck with Prisma load pick-up

The size of wind turbines is constantly increasing. This also makes the components required for this heavier and more voluminous. Genkinger-bAKA supplied a robust and reliable transporter to ensure smooth transport of the heavy components in shifts. The machine transports the tower segments weighing up to 15 tons from the rolling mill to the welding shop and then to the final assembly. An adapter also allows tower segments with a small diameter to be transported within the factory.

Rack Feeder

Genkinger-bAKA Rack Feeder

The task was to design a light weight and simple to operate shelf access truck. The Genkinger-bAKA rack feeder picks up Euro-pallets from both sides of aisle and takes them to a transfer point. With the aid of a positioning laser the rack feeder can be placed exactly in front of the pallet and the handling is an easy job.

Multidirectional Platform Truck

Genkinger-bAKA Multidirectional Platform Truck

The positioning to the nearest millimetre of heavy measuring machines with a weight of up to 16 tons is easliy achieved with the Genkinger-bAKA platform truck. The truck moves silently in all possible directions. By using the remote control the operater can always steer the truck from a position with good vision of the surrounding area. The drive and the steering system is electric – this allows the usage in areas where hydraulic oil is not undesirable.

Die Changer

Genkinger-bAKA Die Changer

Genkinger-bAKA 16 ton DieChanger The multidirectional truck changes dies with a weight of up to 16.000 kg in a punching factory. The die changer is equipped with a remote control ensuring the operator has always the best possible vision of the changing process. Several sensors and safety scans ensure for easy and safe operation.

Wheelset Changing

Genkinger-bAKA Wheelset Changing

Genkinger-bAKA Wheelset Changer was configured for the transport of different wheel sets for assembly on S-Bahn wagons. Depending on requirements, Genkinger-bAKA adapts the wheel set changer for other types of train.